“I knew that if anyone could handle the complex family, neighbor, and legal issues, Beartooth could. They make my job simple.”

– Beartooth brokerage partner

We work with seller representatives to close sales. We specialize in complex, hairy transactions, using our depth of experience to turn properties that are hard to sell into wins for all involved. Why do brokers work with us?

No Risk

We invest our own capital and may be the only call you ever need to make. When you learn about that potential listing, we can help win you the business by being a ready, willing, and able buyer. We can make a quick decision that will not slow down your traditional marketing efforts. Thus, there is no risk in reaching out to us early with your opportunities.


We can move fast.  For those sellers who would like to see a solution now, we’ve got our due diligence down to a science, enabling fast closes. We can save you the money associated with a fancy marketing campaign. And, we can save you the time associated with trotting a bunch of Looky Lou’s through the ranch.


We’ve acquired over 30 ranches on our own dime, so we’re not going to mess around with your time. If there is a problem impacting our ability to close, we will communicate it early, directly, and openly. Therefore, when we say that we’re going to close, we close.


We’ve worked through more hairy deals than we can count. In fact, when our broker partners see ranches with legal (title, access, first rights of refusal, and more) and physical (decrepit buildings, creeks in ditches, enormous junk piles, etc.) challenges, they call us. Properties with these challenges are hard to sell. We are the buyer willing and able to work through these challenges.

More Money

As a ranch buyer of one of your listings, we are highly likely to eventually resell that property. When we do, it is likely that we will partner with you to list the property at that time. Thus, you get a second bite at the apple.