Ranch Manager

“I was able to go from being a having an ownership stake in [the ranch], and partner with someone who saw the potential in the property.”

– Sage Price, Ryegrass Ranch

We partner with ranch managers anticipating an ownership change. In some cases these managers want to be involved in the next chapter of the ranch and, in other cases, they simply want to see the ranch in good hands and to be compensated for their role in a successful ownership transition.

Ongoing Employment

We work with ranch managers and up-and-coming ranch managers to put them in management and ownership positions. Ranch managers help us to get in front of ranch transitions, and in the process, secure their own ongoing management position.


We compensate ranch managers who bring us acquisitions.  Compensation could take the form of money, a future job, or simply knowing that a neighbor’s property is going to end up with a good steward who’s actually going to fight weeds, fix fences, collaborate on water usage, and prepare for fire.

Good Stewardship

We bring new investment and partners to assist ranch managers to do their job with more resources.


We work with ranch managers and up-and-coming ranchers to put them in ownership positions.