Conservation Professional

“Beartooth delivered. They moved quickly to prevent development in a conservation priority area for The Nature Conservancy in Idaho.”

– Tess O’Sullivan, The Nature Conservancy

We partner with conservation professionals to solve land conservation problems. We do this through the use of flexible private capital  and creative ownership structures to finance, restore, and protect high conservation value properties.


There is not enough money to solve the conservation problems we face. We bring a new source of investment capital that does not cannibalize philanthropic dollars.


We bring a host of new financial tools to match the needs of our partners. These include partial buyouts, low interest impact loans, and equity investment capital.


We can move far more quickly than traditional conservation funding sources. We don’t operate with grant deadlines or require piles of application paperwork. We just fund good projects in a creative manner—and fast.


We specialize in solving conservation problems that defy traditional solutions. Temporary conservation funding needed to bridge a timing gap before LWCF or other funding is available—check. Massive riparian restoration needed to restore a critical fishery—done it. Problems squaring a landowner’s immediate need to sell with future conservation funding—we’ve done that too.

Track Record

We have protected, or caused protection of, more than 20,000 acres of land and restored 70 miles of creeks and more than 1,000 acres of wetlands. We have partnered with many non-profit and governmental organizations to leverage public funding with private investment to do so.