Our Team

We’re either from the northern Rockies, or we got here as quickly as we could. We’ve grown up on, worked on, and bought and sold our own ranches. We've pulled calves in February, irrigated under the August sun, and upended difficult ranch partnerships.

Robert Keith

Founder & Managing Principal

I believe that the many financial tools and creative growth/exit strategies available to small business owners should also be available to ranch owners. I co-founded Beartooth in 2005 in order to bring these tools to ranchers.

I am responsible for all activities at Beartooth, trying to focus deeply on the human relationships associated with sourcing capital, structuring investments, and managing investments.

Prior to Beartooth, I worked at an agricultural investment company, a private equity investment firm, and Morgan Stanley, an investment bank.  I earned a degree in Economics from Yale and a business degree from Stanford. Throughout all of that education and work, I kept coming home to my family’s ranch near Cody, Wyoming. Ultimately, I decided to stop traveling back to the coasts for work and set up Beartooth.

Carrie Faulhaber

Finance & Investor Relations

I believe that we are uniquely positioned to match our financial resources with conservation and community needs to ensure that the land we love continues to provide habitat and enjoyment for generations to come.  

At Beartooth, I am responsible for the firm’s financial planning, reporting, and accounting. I bring over two decades worth of experience in the field to Beartooth.

Prior to Beartooth, I was the Controller for the Montana State University Alumni Foundation and an Audit Manager at KPMG, LLP in Seattle, Washington. I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Montana.

Montana is home for me. I grew up in Billings, attended Montana State University, and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business-Accounting and Master of Professional Accountancy.

Ben Alexander

Conservation Transactions

I believe we need to be creative to help rural landowners address today’s many economic and conservation challenges.

At Beartooth, I am responsible for working with landowners, ranch managers, conservation professionals, and others to build partnerships and identify deal opportunities. I focus on matching Beartooth’s financial resources with landowner needs, so that everyone benefits.

Before working with Beartooth, I served as a Senior Program Advisor for the Resources Legacy Fund and the Chief Program Officer for the LOR Foundation. Prior to that, I co-founded and served as the Associate Director of Headwaters Economics. 

I grew up in Bozeman and hold a Bachelor's degree from Tufts University and
a Master’s of Philosophy from Yale University

Mark Portman

Land & Restoration Management 

I believe that a long-term perspective is critical in order to find the best way for people and wildlife to coexist on the land we all love and need.

At Beartooth, I am responsible for the firm’s portfolio of ranches, managing people and projects across the properties. Prior to Beartooth, I worked for the USDA’s Bozeman Fish Technology Center and as a fly-fishing guide in Montana and Mongolia.

I spent much of my youth on my family’s Montana ranch, before earning an undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Environmental Policy from the University of Puget Sound. I also hold a Master’s in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami, Florida.

James Dockery

Vice President

I believe that today’s conservation challenges require creative problem solving using financial tools and investment.

I am involved in all aspects of Beartooth's operations including the sourcing, acquisition, management, and disposition of the Fund’s portfolio. Prior to Beartooth, I worked as an Analyst for Ascentris, a Denver-based real estate fund manager.

I spent a meaningful portion of my formative years on my family’s ranch near Jackson, Wyoming. I hold degrees in Business and Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.